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#198 - DJ Willingham, DNA SHOW: Getting 30M views on Youtube, Flipping Kicks, & Building Revenue Streams

Episode Summary

Darrin Willingham is the creator & host of DNA SHOW, a YouTube channel with 215K subscribers where he talks about lifestyle around sneakers, finance, sports and travel.

Episode Notes

Growing up, Darrin Willingham dreamed of playing in the NFL. But then he discovered his love for creating content. Darrin discusses how he found himself in the world of YouTube, making videos, monetizing his passion for sneakers, and coming full circle by working with pro-athletes off the field. Darrin also gives some tips on building a strong social media foundation and personal brand.

3:59 - 8:14 Discovering ways to make money

8:30 - 10:18 Getting banned from YouTube

10:39 - 11:57 Building a solid YouTube foundation for brand partnerships

14:03 - 22:57 Monetizing your passion

24:27 - 26:01 Importance of branding yourself

29:57 - 32:46 Creating your own luck & seeking opportunities

34:07 -39:44 Diversifying your income stream

42:11 - 45:28 Creating authentic content

52:18 - 54:00 Goals for the future


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Darrin Willingham - Creator & Host of DNA SHOW

Ramon Berrios - CEO of Trend.io

Blaine Bolus - COO of OmniPanel